Bei meinen Freundinnen zum Kaffee
Bei meinen Freundinnen zum Kaffee


Seit mehr als 20 Jahren arbeite ich  jedes Jahr in Island. Für in situ Arbeiten habe ich  Sand, Vulkanasche und Mehl entdeckt. So entstand die Serie „Intarsien“. Entstanden aus einer Landschaft im ständigen Wandel zeigen sie unwiederholbare Momente.


Stille und Einsamkeit, die Kraft der Natur und die Schönheit und Kargheit der Landschaft mit ihren besonderen Bergformationen reizen mich  zu minimalistischen Anmerkungen an die Natur.


For more twenty  years I have been working in Iceland each year.

Especially for in situ works I have discovered grass and moss.

Thus came about works such as ‘Fleurop’, ‘(the) green Square’ and ‘Resurrection’.

Created out of a landscape in constant change they represent unique moments in time.


The loneliness and tranquillity, the power of nature and the beauty and barrenness of the landscape with its exceptional mountain formations inspire my work as minimalistic comments thereupon.




Margret Schopka is working over the years in Nature and is using a very special medium. Her steps into the landscape and here in Iceland are very subtle. She uses her personal and very intimate print.

She is the pattern or patterns walking into space with a lace.

The floral carpet she is using adds to these Icelandic landscapes a poetic song. On streets and paths, sometime on the snow she spreads her printings, often made of coffee ground, sand or similar material.

Her personal sign says - here I am- and is a sign of human ephemeral life in this eternal countryside.


Carlotta Brunetti







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